Crisp & Clean...for Spring of course!

Despite the freshly fallen layer of snow us Utahans had been lucky enough to escape all winter...spring is just around the corner! I am trying my best to disregard the recent drop in temperatures and focus on the new season soon approaching. With spring, the first thing that comes to mind is getting out those cleaning gloves and feather-dusters for some in depth spring cleaning. Most of us think that this is the best way to freshen up our living spaces. However, some readjusting of your décor might also be in order! 3

A great way to re-energize a space is to simplify. My home tends to fill up with all sorts of odds and ends during the holiday season leaving me eager to clear out the junk. Get rid of all of those un-needed accessories and objects taking up valuable space. This will leave you with a space that clears your mind and makes you feel more organized.


Bring those light colors back! Whites and brights are soon to be in season once again. Freshen up your space by lifting the color palette to a more invigorating scheme. I love how energetic light colors can feel. There is something about sun streaming through the windows bouncing off one light wall to another that makes it easier to get up in the morning.

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And of course, nothing screams spring like a few fresh flowers and doses of greenery. You can literally bring the new season indoors for an added sense of clean.

stephanie | alice lane home collection