How to Design Around Your Television

We all have televisions ... but no one wants them to be the focal point of their home! We know that it can be tricky to design around a television. Do you hide it? Do you frame it? Do you do nothing? Well, instead of giving you one answer, we thought we'd give you a few! All of them are great options for your home.

If your television is in your bedroom or you don't seem to use it very often, your best option might be to conceal it.

In this master bedroom, the television is hidden in the chest at the foot of the bed. It is a pop-up TV, so the screen rises and lowers with the press of a button! This is a great way to hide your tv but still have easy access for those evenings when you want to watch something in bed.

You'd never know, but there is a television behind the artwork on this mantel. The frame has a Scroll Away canvas to reveal the screen! Another similar option is to have the frame installed on a memorized track to move out of the way when you need some screen time.

You can also have your television built into the cabinetry of your home. Open the doors and voilà! TV time.

If your television is in a central room of your home and you do seem to use it a lot, you can tastefully display it without it taking control of your room!

In this room, the gallery wall above the television definitely takes center stage. By using different wall hangings or decorations, you can balance your TV so it isn't the focus of your living room.

Design by Gravity Home

Our last suggestion is to simply mount it. In a well-organized space, a TV will not look out of place, nor will it overpower the room. Here the television echoes the color and shape of the interior fireplace, and the shelving does a wonderful job directing the eye to look around the whole room.

Design by Alice Lane

Because televisions have become a part of our daily lives, it's important for us to consider them when we design our homes. With a few simple design tricks, we can successfully incorporate them into our living space without letting them overrun the entire house.