Emily Jackson's Kitchen Design

We've been working on a special project these past several months that we're excited to finally share with you! Our most frequently asked question (and winning by a long mile) is "Do you sell online?" For those of you who have heard or seen our responses to this question on social media lately, you could probably sense our anticipation as we wanted to blurt out, "YES! It's finally happening!" Well folks...it really is finally happening! Tomorrow you'll all be able to shop Alice Lane Home online and have items delivered right to your front door (coast to coast!). So now that we have you anxiously sitting on the edge of your seat for the launch of our new site, we thought we'd share a special sneak peek inside our first curated online collection that we've been working on with The Ivory Lane fashion blogger, Emily Jackson.

Alice Lane_Emily Jackson Ivory Lane Kitchen Design

You could call it fate that Emily Jackson reached out to us for help around the same time we started working on our online store. She had just wrapped up a massive new-build and asked us to put the final touches in her house to make it feel like home. With her cutting edge fashion sense and our love for designing forward-thinking spaces, it was the perfect combination! Alice Lane_Emily Jackson Ivory Lane Kitchen Design

Her newly built kitchen was beautiful to begin with. But the great thing about designing for someone who has a keen sense of style is that it really allowed us to push the envelope. We presented Emily with a design that would take her vanilla white kitchen to a whole new level! After all, this is a girl who wears burgundy suede boots over the knee...her kitchen should be just as bold and daring! We pulled in a little Kelly Wearstler and even browsed through Emily Jackson's abundant closet for inspiration.

Alice Lane_Emily Jackson Ivory Lane Kitchen Design Keeping in mind that Emily is more than just a fashion blogger, we made sure our design was also kid-friendly and comfortable to live in. A corner of the kitchen was designated for her mother/daughter bake sessions and we selected dining room chairs that would easily transition from casual breakfasts to dinner parties with friends. That's what Emily really needed. Alice Lane_Emily Jackson Ivory Lane Kitchen Design


We can't wait to show you how it all came together in tomorrow's blog post, so stay tuned! We're even more excited that now you'll actually be able to shop every little thing from her home, and so much more! Eek! Alice Lane_Emily Jackson Ivory Lane Kitchen Design