Our Favorite Coffee Tables

The coffee table. It tends to hold more accessories than cups of coffee, but what we would ever do without them! People shopping our showroom frequently ask about coffee tables and how to select the right one for their space. What it really comes down to is simple math and a lot of style. Let's get the boring (but important) part out of the way shall we...the math. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least 19" between your coffee table and other furnishings to provide ample walking space. That will help you determine exactly how large of a coffee table you can use. Next, the top of your coffee table should be about the same height as the cushion of your sofa. If you're going for a more modern look, a lower coffee table can do just the trick, but you want to avoid having your coffee table higher than your seating. 20150625_AliceLaneHome_ModerneManor-9861_Edit

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We thought we'd share some of our favorite (and best-selling) coffee tables that work great in different types of spaces...

1. Hampton Coffee Table - It's your traditional coffee table shape and size, but has so much style that your space will feel modern and sophisticated. Pairs great with your standard sized sofa and provides plenty of surface space with out being too heavy.

2. Campaign Cocktail Table - Its perfectly petite frame makes it the perfect coffee table for tight spaces. What your living room lacks in square footage can easily be made up for with big style. And this table has it!

3. Hobson Cocktail Table - This large, square, double-tiered coffee table is our favorite! It provides plenty of surface space and helps fill-in the empty hole you tend to get in the middle of large living rooms. Perhaps our favorite feature though is the plethora of decor it holds! A stylists dream...

4. Morello Oval Cocktail Table - Some spaces need a little extra wiggle room between furnishings. An oval or round shaped coffee table is the perfect solution. It allows you to easy navigate between things without making you feel boxed in. The curved lines and sleek metal frame of this beauty make it the perfect centerpiece.

5. Trimbelle Cocktail Table - Need something with a little more versatility? This white onyx coffee table can act as an ottoman, is perfect for entertaining, and even adds a little sparkle to your space. It entirely functional and incredibly stylish. Win!

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Hopefully this helps inspire you in your quest for the perfect coffee table. Come shop our large selection of tables and see how we style them in our showroom for more ideas. And don't forget, all furniture is currently 20% off during The Very Best Sale going on now!