Finding Inspiration For Interior Design

In our Pinterest ridden lives, it's incredibly easy to come across a beautiful room design and say, "I want that! Exactly that!" We hear it all the time from clients and patrons who want us to recreate one of our designs exactly for them. While we're completely flattered that our work is so admired, we believe your home should be as unique as you are. Rather than replicating every detail, pull inspiration from the things you love and reinvent it for your own. Today, we're sharing five of our favorite places to find inspiration:

  1. Books - Admittedly, we like the kind with lots and lots of pictures! We're not even talking just design books here, but photography and art books too. Inspiration can often run dry when you have a hard time visualizing something. It's incredibly refreshing to pick up a book and flip through it's colorful pages to put things back into focus.
  2. Art - Art is a great resource for gathering color schemes and can be an excellent jumping off point for the rest of the design. Find a piece you really love and you'll soon find your heart and mind full of ideas!
  3. Fashion - The latest trends in fashion inevitably make their way into our homes. Whether is the latest color rage or use of feathers and metal embellishments, we find that what makes a great outfit also makes a great room. Hint: We constantly are pulling inspiration from our client's wardrobe. If you're wearing it, you probably like it!
  4. Movies - Those set designers sure know how to make a room that looks good! Next time your watching The Hunger Games or Sex In The City, take a look at the beautiful furnishings and accessories that set the stage, you might just find some inspiration. We recently designed a local gourmet chocolate shop and found ourselves watching Chocolat over and over again, pulling inspiration from the french blue walls and dramatic patterned floors.
  5. Nature - Ironically, the best inspiration usually comes when we need it the least. Like when you finally take that overdue getaway to the beach and find yourself inspired by the gray-blue skies and textured sand under your feet. Sometimes a simple walk around the neighborhood is all it takes to clear your mind and rediscover the beauty of nature. There is inspiration everywhere!

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Of course, we always hope to be of inspiration to you as well! Come stop by our home furnishings store in Salt Lake City, UT for the best home decor, high-end furniture, and interior design services.