Finding the Perfect Rug

If there is one thing every room needs it’s a rug (yes, even over carpet). Rugs are what really defines a space and pulls it all together which is why in our design center, we almost always start from the ground up and pick out the rug before anything else. In honor of our Rug Sale happening now through Wednesday, March 20th, we’re sharing some important things to consider when searching for the perfect rug.

  • Make sure you’re using the right scale. Buying a rug too small is one of the most common design mistakes. As a general rule of thumb, never use anything smaller than 8x10 for your living room or bedroom. There is nothing worse than seeing a “magic carpet” (as we like to call it) floating in the middle of your furniture. Be sure at least the front legs of your sofa and chairs are sitting on top of the rug. For your entryway, consider using a 5x7 (or long runner depending on entry size) instead of the typical 2x3 door mat. This is a space expanding trick. Using large scale rugs make the space feel much more gracious.

  • Don’t be afraid of color! Sure, neutrals are easy and safe but when it comes to your rug, this is your chance to really add personality depth into your home. Using a rug with color or pattern is also an easy way to tie in your accessories like pillows, throws, artwork, etc.

  • Know the different types of rug weaves and materials. From hand knotted and power loomed to wool, silk and viscose there are a million different types of rugs out there. The biggest difference between these are quality, style and price. A hand knotted silk rug is soft, easier to clean and will last you forever. This is the most common type of rug we source in our design projects since we believe investing in a high quality rug is important. However, a power loomed rug is still a great option and more budget friendly.