The Parcell Library

The long awaited time is FINALLY here. If you’ve been following #parcellhomexalicelane, you’ve seen a handful of teasers inside Rachel Parcell’s stunning new build we have been designing throughout last year.  Starting today, we’re sharing her home, room by room, kicking it off with one of Rachel’s & Drew’s favorite spaces, The Library. We chatted with owner & design principal of Alice Lane, Jessica Bennett, to get the inside scoop on the design process, inspiration, and favorite moments of this moody & cozy space. Plus, you can shop this room for yourself now on our website!

Q: What were Rachel’s & Drew’s requests for this room while Alice Lane was designing?

A: “We explored a couple of different space plans for the library originally. There is always a desk solution with guest chairs, but we really wanted to create a space that Rachel and Drew could use collectively, as a family or in different capacities for team meetings, family puzzles, lounging by the fire, and catching up on reading. By dividing the space into two smaller areas, instead of a grand scene centered on the fireplace, we opened up the room to enjoy that beautiful focal point, the carved black marble mantel. Rachel and Drew wanted a space that was smart, intimate, “cozy” (one of Rachel’s favorite words), and a treasure trove for their collections.”


Q: Tell us about the shelves. Why didn’t you use traditional built-ins?

A: “The built-ins in the Library boast a type of shelving known as a cleat system. It gives a more architectural look to an adjustable shelf. Plus, it adds a lot of interest—the profile mimics a zipper. We love a good detail and Rachel does too!”

Q: What was the overall inspiration when designing this space?

A: “The inspiration for this space was tradition. A room that wraps itself around you upon entering, captures your attention, draws you in, then begs you to stay. The dark color was something Rachel chose on her own and we were thrilled with the Peacock color! Its got a seriousness to it and makes it feel both sophisticated and intimate.”

Q: What is your personal favorite moment in the library?

A: “From a visual standpoint, I love the dolphin mirror over the mantel combination! I’ve dreamed of being able to use that mirror in a project and it’s everything in this space. From a usage standpoint, my favorite moment is that velvet club chair near the fire. I would live there. I’d do all of my work from that spot, if I had a bustling business like Rachel.”

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Wall color is Narragansett Green by Benjamin Moore.

Stay tuned for more room reveals of Rachel & Drew Parcell’s stunning new home.

Photos by Lindsay Salazar