Fresh garlands and wreaths!

Winter is on its way! Ushering in the season with a little help from Mother Nature...

There are few smells that get me as excited as fresh greenery this time of year! It encompasses all the ooey gooey Christmas memories we cherish, and if you’ve ever trekked into the woods to have a Griswold family Christmas moment you know what I’m talking about - going fresh is completely intoxicating!

Having grown up with fresh trees, it’s to my adult dismay that I have converted to the mega convenient pre-lit world, BUT I’m here to preach that you can have convenience and freshness in the same household! It’s all going to start with the first thing your guests see (and smell) when they ring your doorbell…..the wreath.

Fresh wreaths are beautiful and simple all on their own.

We just received a shipment of fresh magnolia and bay leaf wreaths to help usher in your holiday season (and your party guests!)

Stop in and pick up our fresh magnolia or bay leaf wreaths.

What’s so brilliant about a fresh wreath is not only do you look holiday legit to all those that come over, but it’s such an easy trick! Without any doctoring you honestly could hang, walk away, and start sipping cocoa because it's sooo good on its own! If you want to add some jingle bells for sparkle, don’t let me hold you back, just know less is more, and these wreaths look real good naked.

You can't go wrong with a fresh garland.

Next on the freshy fresh agenda is the bay leaf garlands Santa dropped off here at the Alice Lane!

Fresh garlands are as easy as the wreaths but your application is so broad. You can drape them around doorways, over your mantles, down your banisters and on every type of table top, console and armoire! Your options are limitless!! We are big fans over here!

A simple fresh garland makes any space feel festive.

So to all my interweb friends reading this, please come over and snag them while they’re hot because today is officially three weeks from Christmas, and I’d hate for you to miss out!

With frasier fir hugs and hot cocoa kisses,

suzanne | alice lane home collection  (The Christmas Elf)

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