How To Achieve Perfect Kitchen Lighting

Proper lighting enhances the decorating scheme in every room of your home. It's especially true in the areas of your home you use most. Take the kitchen for example...we all need to see what we’re doing whether we’re making a soufflé or cleaning dishes. And without the right type of lighting, your kitchen just wouldn't be the same. Here are the three “must-haves” when lighting up the heart of your home: Kitchen General Lighting

#1: General Lighting This refers to the overall ambient light that fills the room. When you walk in and flip that first switch the whole space needs to be illuminated so that you can put the groceries away, the kids can do their homework, or you can have a quick lunch at the island. Recessed lights are the best way to achieve this. Whether you're building or remodeling, installing recessed cans are usually pretty easy, a local handyman/electrician could get this done pretty quickly. Instead of the bulky florescent box lighting you see is many older kitchens, recessed can lights give your kitchen a fresh, clean look as well as better overall light. Space the cans about 48-60” apart from one another for optimal glow.

Kitchen Task Lighting

#2: Task Lighting Task lighting is the direct light for a specific area of your kitchen. The stove and sink are both great places to have task lighting so that you can comfortably see the finer details of what you’re doing. Over a stove you likely have a hood or a microwave and these items almost always have a built in light, use it! Over the sink, add a small pendant or can light that can be controlled separately from the rest of the general lighting.

Kitchen Island Lighting

#3: Accent Lighting Here’s where we get into the pretty stuff! Accent lighting refers to lights that are there for looks and/or mood. We commonly use accent light fixtures like island pendants, dining table chandeliers, and under cabinet lighting. My favorite way to use accent lighting is when I’m sitting down to a dinner party and I turn off the general and task lighting and leave just the glow of my pendants, chandelier and under cabinet lights. This is a great way to set the mood for a holiday party or a romantic dinner at home.

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