How To Decorate With Animal Prints

We like to think we have a bit of a wild side, and every now and again you'll see us sneak a zebra or leopard print into one of our designs. Maybe you've been too timid to make the daring statement yourself, or maybe you're still scarred from the bad rep animal prints got in the 80's. Either way, we're here to show you how beautiful, luxurious, and fun animal prints can be in your home when done right! 19 Brady

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The key when using animal prints is NOT overdoing it! Think of it as an outfit...maybe you incorporate a snake skin purse, or some spotted heels for a subtle touch. The second you start layering prints you've gone too far! Here are some great ways you can pull off animal prints in your decor:

1.  Use On Pillows & Throws - If you're a little timid to try it out, ease into it by adding a pillow or throw in a neutral tone. Most likely you'll find that it's really all your space needed to get that edgy feel.

2. Tone On Tone - This is by far one of favorite ways to incorporate animal prints into a space. By choosing an animal print that is muted and watered down it really becomes more of a neutral! Especially if you have other prints and patterns in your space, a muted animal print won't compete and overwhelm. You can easily mix in a tone on tone animal print with anything.

3. Take It To The Ground - A large scale animal print rug is a great way to give your room an organic feel. Try using a hair on hide rug to keep things looking natural and not too contrived. We recently added a muted leopard print carpet as a stair runner, which was a great way to make a statement in a place where it wouldn't compete with other furnishings.

4. Scale Down Print On Upholstery - Using animal prints in your upholstery takes a little more commitment, but it works best when the print is scaled down. This makes the piece instantly recognizable, but keeps it from becoming overwhelming. We love incorporating prints as little surprises, like on the backs of chairs. Alice Lane Home_How To Decorate With Animal Prints

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