How-To: Gallery Walls

A gallery wall can be a window into the homeowner's soul - featuring art that they have carefully and lovingly chosen, mixed in with photographs or sentimental pieces from their lives. Choosing these pieces may seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn't have to be. Typically, if you are choosing pieces you love and that mean something to you, they all seem to come together. Here are a few tips for choosing and hanging pieces: 247416573248495448_e0PFXSuF_c1. Start with the largest piece and work from there.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 9.32.33 AM2. Clear the floor in front of the wall that the art will hang on and try different arrangements to see which you like best before hanging. If it helps you visualize, use painters tape to outline the size of the wall.

Emily Henderson_gallery-wall-in-living-room

gallery wall 12$!600x3. Keep in mind that the wall will be more collected looking using pieces that are different sizes and with different frames. For a series that goes together, keep the frames the same.

contemporary-living-room-new-york-new-york-201110-4_1000-watermarked4. Mix it up with paintings, illustrations, sketches, and photographs. A sculptural piece or mirror could be a great, eclectic addition as well.

contemporary-dining-room-mr-architecture-decor-new-york-new-york-201202-2_1000-watermarked5. Keep in mind, there is no specific formula for creating a beautiful wall. So enjoy the creative process, and let your personality be reflected in your display.

This is how we did ours. Stop by to see it, and ask one of our designers to help you create your own!

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