Oh, the places you will go...

Whenever I travel, be it across the ocean or right here in our backyard, I’m constantly taking pictures because I want to remember every single moment!  The landscape, the colors, the culture, and the people are my very favorite souvenir, so why wouldn’t I plaster it on my walls at home?   Your art should tell your story--where you’ve been and where you dream of going! Untitled-4-01

One of our dearest clients has traveled the globe extensively and just happens to be handy with a camera.  I was looking through her online travel journal and it hit me, why on earth have we not used any of these images in her home?  I am correcting my wrongs and am designing a stairwell gallery with some of her favorites from around the world to remind her of where she’s been!



Someday I want to explore Machu Picchu in Peru and collect amazing fabrics and rugs in India.  I dream of going to Paris and living in London.  I’d like to sketch the pyramids in Egypt and see the water in Australia.  I could go on and on but the truth of the matter is we CAN go to all the places we dream about. Art can take us there!  Below are some of the people and places I dream about and I’m grateful to the artists that made this trip possible.

SUZANNEBLOGPICKS-011. Peruvian Sketches - 22"x18" each - $275 each // 2. Greek Isles - 59.5"x30.5" - $1,075  // 3. London Train Stops - 50"x88" - $3,218 // 4. Paris Cafe - 23.5"x73.5" each - $3,500 // 5. Piazza San Marco - 40.5"x48.5" - $425 // 6. Egypt Sketches - 17.5x18.75 each - $262.50 each // 7. Indian Batik - 41.5"x54" - $1,575 // 8. Paris Map - 31"x31" each - $3,000

All of these pieces can be purchased at our store. Take advantage of our Art Sale going on now and receive 20% off!

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