If You Were a Kitchen

if you were a kitchen | alice lane home collection

One of the most rewarding aspects of being an interior designer is helping people along a journey of self-discovery. Whether building a dream home, undergoing a “make it work” renovation, or just some light décor shushing, your home makes a statement about who you are, what you value, and the way you choose to live your life.

This is extremely evident in modern kitchens. A place that was once cramped, hidden, often relegated into the basement, and basically a mundane work space has blossomed into the stylish, welcoming, heart of most homes. And after all the big money decisions are made (cabinets, countertops, backsplash and plumbing), the next step is to look at how a kitchen is styled as a further expression of self.

Below are some designer tips to enhance the chosen look of your kitchen through styling those pretty shelves we just talked about:

if you were a kitchen | alice lane home collection

FOR THE FUNCTIONAL MINIMALIST Regardless of your overall taste leans modern, boho, or traditional, the first styling option is that of functional minimalism – this styling accent is dictated by simplicity, and highlights useful kitchen items. Whether you display gleaming white servingware, or showcase a mix of dinnerware, stemware and cooking dishes, to achieve this look you must be a ruthless editor, and embrace the moto “less is more”. Look for balance with stacked heights and accents colors (or, for extra style points, go monochromatic!), to appeal to your own need for organization.

if you were a kitchen | alice lane home collection

FOR THE COLLECTOR If you are constantly rearranging you entry table to showcase your growing collection of vintage trays, or find yourself carrying that pretty dish into your bathroom to hold your jewelry, this look is for you. Don’t be afraid to utilize unexpected surfaces (hello, window sills!) to create vignettes. Layer in non-kitchen items, such as plants or framed art to achieve a well curated aesthetic.

pretty and pragmatic

if you were a kitchen | alice lane home collection

FOR THE PRETTY AND PRAGMATIC This styling technique is all about embracing the beauty in everyday items, and we love it for its honesty! From mis-matched bowls, to collected cooking sets, to coordinating wood and ceramic dishes - use what you love and love what you use! Start fresh with your dinnerware set, remember why you first fell in love with it. Highlight the wonderful textures of your favorite grains and other ingredients. Rejoice in the styling and restyling that comes naturally through the use of your items.

No matter what your chosen aesthetic may be, take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your look through kitchen styling! And if we follow the advice of William Morris, your homes, and your kitchens, will be both useful, and beautiful.

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[photos from Elle Decor, V Interiors, Remodelista, Country Living, Architectural Digest, and Southern Living]