The Well-Dressed Bathroom, Part II

a well-dressed bathroom | alice lane home collection RUGS  So I’m a big rug fan and I adore when people use a fine little rug in a bathroom. You can do anything from a washable rug to a hand-knotted rug and there is something about feeling the softness and attention underfoot that will anchor your space and make it feel complete.

a well-dressed bathroom | alice lane home collection

BARCARTS, STOOLS, AND PRETTY LIL' SURFACES Fewer things make me happier than a beautiful piece of furniture in a bathroom so of course I must address the cart, table or stool that sits in the center of the room, beside the tub or nesting beneath the vanity. This is as much a tribute to function as it is beauty! A place for your lotions and potions or a spot to stack your hand towels. The best bathrooms are ones that are fully stocked and this number will help you and your guests feel right at home. Plus now your significant other has a surface to place the flowers that were plucked from your fabulous garden!

the well-dressed bathroom | alice lane home collection

THE VANITY TRAY Everyone and I mean everyone has a lot of things in their bathroom and I’m here to advise that what cannot fit in your cupboards belongs on a tray. Think of it like a rug!  Its job is to anchor and corral the troops. This is a place to put perfumes and lotions and a small place for jewelry to go before you hop in the shower. Occasionally an ugly bottle of contact solution will show its functional face and it’s our job to try and make even that look pretty. A tray can help you do that.

Friends and family of Alice Lane - Please don’t forget the bathroom! We can help you make this often forgotten room, your favorite place on earth.

With love and potty talk encouragement, your adoring designer,

suzanne | alice lane home collection

[photos from House & Home, Flickr, Rutland Designer, Architectural Digest]