Pantone's Color of the Year

radiant orchid, Let’s talk about Radiant Orchid for a minute shall we? Even if you’ve been living under a rock I’m positive you’ve still caught a glimpse of this lovely color. It’s saturated. It’s feminine. It’s the type to walk up to you, give you kisses all over your face, and leave you with a smile and a head full of thoughts about how you ever lived without it.

Even for this non-purple fan, I can tell you I’m fully on board with this year’s Pantone color choice. It might have taken me a minute, let’s be honest, I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t a surprise.  Purple?!  But a happy surprise at that! I don’t plan on going nuts with this color. Rather, I plan to be selective and introduce it in ways that will create the most impact. A few well placed accessories or a piece of art might be smart ways to introduce this color into your space. Playing around with the color that is widely accepted as the ‘it’ color is a surefire way to keep your home as fresh and fun as you are.

radiant orchid, pantone color of the year

After all, I think that’s why those smartie pants Pantone people picked this color for us. They don’t just pick these things at random. A lot of research, thought, science, and other bits of genius go into decisions like this. We need something bold and feminine and all things pretty right about now if you ask me.

Not sure if Radiant Orchid is you? Don’t get caught up in the exactness of the color  Play around with it a little and find the right hue or shade that makes your heart happy. You can create a plethora of emotion with this color. Sophisticated, fun, restful, insert your choice of descriptive adjective here because you can create any mood your heart desires with the right blend of color.

Still haven’t made any of those pesty new year’s resolutions yet? Dare yourself to get your hue on and add a little Radiant Orchid to your life.

radiant orchid, pantone color of the year

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