Inspiration in Unusual Places - Food

As the weather gets cooler and the air gets crisper, we crave warmth and comfort in what we eat, in our clothing, and in our homes. What better place to look for a bit of inspiration than in our cuisine? Shades of browns and creams bring a serene and comfortable feeling to a room. See how adding a pop of orange can bring life to the room and spice things up?

The sumptuous jewel tones emphasize the beautiful woodwork in both of these rooms. It is a fantastic combination, that brings richness to any room.

Think about fresh-0ut-of-the-oven sweet rolls; they bring us to a happy place where everything is warm and comfortable. Incorporating this rust and terra cotta color scheme will give that same inviting feeling to any room.

This berry cobbler would be a delicious indulgence! Don't be afraid to take a risk by incorporating these daring purples into a room. Add a bench in a deep violet mohair or simply complete the space with a few patterned throw pillows.

[images via Johnny Miller Photography, Elle Decor and Lonny Magazine]