Private Residence

There's something magical about a home nestled in a grove of mature trees! When the light finally filters through the leaves and leaks into the windows, it highlights and flatters everything that it touches. This is exactly what happened in our client's Music Room! The neutrality and simple lines of each piece came to life! Even the layout of the furniture felt as if it were planted there along with the trees right outside the window. BEFORE

PHASE 1 - Sometimes all you need to do is throw your existing pieces in a blender and shake things up a bit! By centering our client's loveseat on her window, it created instant symmetry and allowed us to get two additional club chairs in the space.

AFTER - After rearranging the existing furniture in Phase 1, we had to help this music room reach its optimal potential. First we added an amazing rug by Thomas O'Brien which started to dictate the simple elegance our client was hoping for. Second came a tailored sofa from Michael Weiss and what would a Music Room be without a little zebra hair-on-hide and a fiddle leaf fig! Encore! Encore!