Inspiration in Unusual Places: Pink... We Love It!!

After our pink post last week, we couldn't get pink out of our minds! Pantone has named it color of the year and we just keep seeing it in great places. Fashion's spring collections are slowly making their way to the surface and we are seeing some great pinks... Everything from blush to coral. Mixing shades of light pinks and purples can make any outfit or room prettier. Add some sparkle or florals to give it even more of a feminine touch. Coral as a neutral? It goes with all of these bold colors! We love how it spices up these spaces.

Using a salmon pink on the walls is a bold move... Not quite ready to take that step? Add that touch of pink as an accent with an ottoman or throw pillows.

Loving the mixture of a bright pink with a darker bubble gum pink. Why not add a touch of pink with artwork or in wallpaper?

This mixture of salmon, blush and tangerine is to die for!

[photos from J. Crew, Madewell, Lonny Magazine, Domino Magazine, Johnny Miller]