What's in Store - Subway Sign

Subway, bus, and train signs are a charming option for artwork. They are a great way to include typography into your space and to make your art more meaningful and personal. We are loving this artwork that is representational of old subway signs but include significant landmarks and hot stops in a particular city. This one happens to be landmarks in France. We also have another sign in the store for the west coasters with famous landmarks from San Francisco.

Living etc. magazine featured this sign in one of their interiors on a landing. They are versatile enough that they could be used in any style of home. These subway signs would be perfect in an office or an entry. Pick something that's meaningful to you. Whether it's the city that you met your significant other, your favorite place to travel, your hometown, or just a place you dream of going one day.

Stop in and see them in person!

Paris & San Francisco Subway Signs $325

Speaking of hot stops, American Express has selected us to be their next small business for a print ad! We are so excited to work with them tomorrow and Wednesday and look forward to sharing with you!