Layering Rugs

Like a good outfit, a room with layers is always better.  Today we’ll be talking briefly about how to layer your rugs and the different reasons why this is the best idea next to the iPhone!  You’re welcome.

layering rugs | alice lane home collection

SIZE Bigger rugs are ALWAYS better but sometimes the rug you love doesn’t come in a 9’ x 12’ or a 10’ x 14’. This especially is where layering is heaven sent!   You can have a piece of wool carpet or a jute/sisal carpet  cut and bound as a base layer to go underneath your smaller, favorite love rug.  BOOM!  Your room looks bigger and better AND you look really cool for pulling off such a fashionable trick.  (slow clap)

 layering rugs | alice lane home collection

TEXTURE I remember the first time I walked from a hard surface onto a wool hand-knotted rug and finally onto a long haired white cowhide.  My little toes didn’t know what to do with themselves so naturally they just curled into the cowhide and stayed for a while.  Texture is a huge part of design and I love when we can literally feel that from the ground up.  Layer your textures!

layering rugs | alice lane home collection

COLLECTION I’ve always wanted to say “I just have so much art, looks like I’m going to have to layer it!”  Same goes for layering your rugs.   When you layer, it helps your home feel like it’s been curated over time.   It adds depth and like I always say, it illustrates YOUR story.  Where you’ve been and what you love. Collect rugs.

Let the layering begin!

suzanne | alice lane home collection

[photos from SF Girl by Bay, Pinterest, Traditional Home, House Beautiful, World of Interiors]