Mother's Day

Mother's Day is one of those special holidays that oddly enough, a lot of women hate. I don't get that. I love it. Not because I want to be adored and worshipped by my husband and two girls and skip out on doing the dishes on Sunday... but because I think of my mother who is like Mother Teresa and the greatest example of motherhood. The warmest feelings well up inside of me when I hear the word "Mother", and the image of my mom in my mind is the most comfortable place I can go to in my head. She is sunshine. So what do you give the woman who gave you life? I've been asked that a couple of times already this week. Here are a few ideas for those of you still searching for the perfect gift.

Give her a memory - Buy a lovely picture frame to frame a simple candid photo, a time in your lives that will make her laugh out loud or quietly take in a moment. I also love a good quote in a frame. You could even quote Mom! Or something that you know would be meaningful. You could put it in the window where she does the dishes with a set of new hand towels.

New sheets! I'm surprised at how many people don't own a pair of real luxury sheets. My favorite thing in my bedroom are by far my linen sheets! You sleep better. And who couldn't use a really good night's sleep (night after night)?

[photo by Ashlee Raubach]

A new rug in front of her kitchen sink. That would brighten up her space! Or in the laundry room? It will make her everyday tasks seem a bit brighter, happier and softer under foot.

[photo by Ashlee Raubach]

A lovely gift would be to organize any closet, pantry, or drawer of hers in the house and notice if there is something that you could buy her to make the process of whatever you're improving better. New hangers, organizers, bins, baskets, whatever!

[photo from Lonny Magazine]

[photo from Real Simple]

Flowers. We have some lovely estate planters at the store that would flank a doorway in a real traditional classical way. Plant flowers or box woods in them and brighten up her entryway or back porch.

Grab a lovely vase and then run to the grocery store or Costco for some off-the-shelf flowers and she'll know it's from somewhere special because it's not contained in a standard way. Don't forget the love not. That's the best part!!!

[photo by Ashlee Raubach]

Mom's are simple. They already love us - so naturally they'll love any way you want to love them back!

We'd love to hear some of your Mother's Day gift ideas. Do share...