What gives a room heart and soul? The collections of people who live there. That's what makes a room interesting.

We as designers can give a home it's backbone - well-designed rooms with perfectly proportioned furniture, a nice flow in the traffic pattern, the right lighting, wall colors, finishes, etc. But it's the collections of the people that live there that really make a house come to life. It's fun to stare at the books in one's personal library or the art on their walls, the photography in the picture frames. I study the interesting objects on the tables... It's all part of their story.

We have been working to get a photographer out to shoot the fabulous Kandi James' home. She is a collector with a trained eye for spotting the good stuff at antique sales.

We are privileged to offer a few of her goods for sale at Alice Lane. They add such wit and history to our store, and I love what it can do for a room!

Here is a little teaser. We will have the rest of her photos on our Portfolio page soon!

[photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat]