My Parent's Home

Ahhh home! This is a space that we installed about a year and a half ago for my parents. It's their living room, located right off the entry and kitchen of their home. It's not one of the rooms that you walk by and look at and think how lovely it is, but never enter or sit in it. This room gets used and everything must be comfortable! We couldn't use a cocktail table in the center because that's where all the grandchildren wrestle and spread out the train tracks and toys. It's the greatest gathering spot in the house not only because of it's central location, comfortable furniture, and proximity to the kitchen, but not having a television in the room really allows us to sit down and talk to whomever is in the space playing with a baby, or already engaged in another conversation.

I could go on and on about how I feel about useful living rooms... But I know you just want to get to the pictures, so here they are:

One of the great things in this room is the paint! We used a Ralph Lauren color called Cottage Hill. It's actually the brown color in all the built-ins in our store. It looks olive during certain times of the day in this room. They did the suede texture, which means they stirred sand into the paint to give it this soft velvety look! It's RICH!

Trophy Lamp by Arteriors - My Mom's got a thing for trophies!

Spool chairs in black on black with an off-white herringbone back cushion. These are classic! They float in the room so you can enjoy their back side from the kitchen. I just love these chairs from every angle!

My mom has been collecting old trophies since forever... We used to tease her for it, but look how stunning the line up is on her mantle! You were right Mom! They are gorgeous.

I had to sneak this one in, though it's not the living room. This is the master bedroom. We recently had this bolster custom made and monogrammed with my parent's initals for their king size bed. It turned out great!

Darling wire bird cage hangs in the bedroom. Available still at Alice Lane! It adds such whimsy to any space.