Private Residence - Merida, Mexico

This room is the bedroom of our client's twin sons in Merida, Mexico. Although their room and the younger boys' room are identical in layout, we wanted to flex a different muscle and add a sense of maturity to the space. At 16 years old, the boys are busy with school and soccer but when they get home would love a place to hang out with their friends. Our client wanted the twins' space to be interesting but much more neutral than the younger boys' room featured here.

Voila! This is the sketch of what the room would look like when completed!

The geometric pattern of this Candice Olsen rug will anchor the space while dictating our palette with its warm grays.

It's important to add variety of interesting textures and surfaces when you're keeping things neutral. This metal chair is fun and adds some industry to the room! This room also has an existing desk between the beds that needed a side chair for studying.

Our client mentioned how much he loved the Jonathan Bench from Oly Studio and I was more than happy to incorporate it into the plan! These guys will sit at the foot of each bed. The tufted cushion adds dimension to the space and pairs great with its hammered metal base.

The heavens opened when we came across this mirror from Oly Studio! It's sculptural and finished in a high lacquered white varnish plus its a great size and gives the teenage boys a chance to check themselves out before the leave the house. What's not to love!

This artwork from Natural Curiosities will hang over each bed creating a visual headboard and I loved that they were similar but still very different, (just like the twins)!

With three metal shelves, this nightstand provides enough surface space for a lamp on top and any other items that the boys might have.