Our Favorite Paint Colors

Whenever I meet with a new client 9 times out of 10 I am asked, “well, what color would you do?”  Here is my answer, “whatever color you want.”  Why do I say that?  Well, there are millions of studies showing how color can make you feel nervous, happy, anxious, and even lose your appetite.  However, the real question is how does it make YOU feel?  Everyone sees color differently.  If you love a certain color, go for it!  Here are some colors I love:

Stunning by Benjamin Moore is one of our favorite navy blues!

BENJAMIN MOORE - STUNNING  I have always been drawn to navy blue.  This version is dark enough to give you the impact you want, but it isn’t so dark that it will feel black when all the lights aren’t on.

White Dove is our go-to ceiling and trim color!

BENJAMIN MOORE - WHITE DOVE Just like a trusty ol’ friend, this white always gets the job done.  I use this on trim work and ceilings in different sheens.  It has a little bit of warmth and a little bit of cool so it is universal with any color scheme.

Revere Pewter is our favorite at all!

BENJAMIN MOORE - REVERE PEWTER  We used this color in our Salt Lake showroom.  We get inquiries about it every week.  If you are tired of white walls, but can’t push yourself to do a different color, try this one.  It is enough of a change to add some interest, but not enough to make you sick of it in a month or two.

Benjamin Moore's Baby Seal Black makes a dramatic statement.

BENJAMIN MOORE - BABY SEAL BLACK Are you a little gutsy?  Try this one!  I have always wanted a black room for the sheer drama of it.  It is strong and powerful and paired with some great art on the walls to lighten it up a little, this is the color to try out!

If you want something that is a little more dramatic, try Amherst Gray by Benjamin Moore.

BENJAMIN MOORE - AMHERST GRAY Did I just push you over the edge with the thought of black walls?  Well, if you can’t handle that much saturation, but you still want something daring, this one is your color.  It can go masculine or feminine depending on the colors you add and it will still give you that little dose of drama you wanted…without going overboard.

I know we all have a room we have wanted to paint for a long time.  Well, start taping off the walls and grab a bucket or two of one of these colors and get to it!

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[images from Emily A. Clark, Architectural Digest, and Pinterest]