Our Top 5 Favorite Gifts For Him

The stress of holiday shopping can take a serious toll on you, especially when you have that particularly "hard to shop for" man on your list. So in the spirit of making your life as blissful as possible this holiday season, we've put together a guide of our favorite Christmas gifts for men (that will even have your stamp of approval, too!). Christmas Gif_Mens

1. Luxury Car Books [$125] - Chances are your main man rarely picks up those design & fashion books sitting on your coffee table. Surprise him this Christmas with a book he might actually look at...luxury cars!

2. Swiss Wool Blanket [$124] - Whether your man is the rugged outdoorsy type or a refined gentleman, you can't go wrong with these wool blankets. Not only are they incredibly durable and warm, but their Swiss design is something all men can appreciate.

3. Misc. Goods Co. Playing Cards [$15] - Poker night just got a whole lot classier with this fancy deck of face cards. Made from Bee paper, the highest quality coated playing card stock, your man will always have the best dealt hand (even if it's not the winning one).

4. Aviator Model [$33] - Perhaps this brass model plane will tide him over until he finally fulfills that life-long dream to become a pilot. Because let's be honest...what man doesn't want to own an airplane?

5. Regulator Clock [$69] - This clock has all the charm if a true Gentleman's pocket watch, but it's all geared up for modern day living. It's a perfect timepiece for the office or his den at home.

Alice Lane Home_Our Favorite Gifts For Him

All of these item are available for purchase at our Salt Lake store, so come shop at Alice Lane Home this holiday and we'll help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.