Wonderland Pick: Paperwhite Bulbs

If you've never heard of Paperwhites before it's about time you learn about these amazing winter blooms. Not only are their green stems and white blooms a fresh of breath air for your home in the winter, but they're incredibly easy and inexpensive to grow. Especially for all you "black thumb" people, we can pretty much guarantee that this is one house-plant you can't go wrong with. All you need is a pack of our Paperwhite bulbs ($12.50 for a pack of 8 at Wonderland by Alice Lane), a shallow vase or bowl, some rocks, water, and a lot of sunshine. Christmas Gift_Paperwhites

Within a few short weeks your bulbs will sprout right up and bloom into beautiful white flowers. It gives you just a glimmer of hope for Spring in the dead of winter. The best part? You can use them year after year. When you're done with them this year, trim the stems close to the bulb and place them in a cold, dark place until next year.


They also make the best gifts (as seen on our Top 5 Gifts For Neighbors gift guide) - something unique for their home that they'll enjoy throughout the season. They pair beautifully with your Christmas decor too! So come pick up your bulbs (complete with instructions) at Wonderland today and get planting!