Our Top 5 Favorite Gifts For Kids

Your kids have probably already handed you a long list of things they want for Christmas, but we're throwing in some old-fashion fun this year with these vintage toys for kids. Not only are they perfect stocking-stuffers, but you'll delight in watching your kids light up over these classically simple toys. Alice Lane Home_Gifts For KidsAlice Lane Home_Our Favorite Gifts For Kids

1. Retro Vintage Race Car [$176] - Every kids first car should be as cool as this! It's full of vintage charm, but built with the best safety features and highest quality materials for your peace of mind. You'll be wishing they made these in your size!

2. Architect Kaleidoscope [$9] - Awh, yes...the kaleidoscope. You used to stare through one of these for hours! Now your little one can unlock an array of colors with this twisting kaleidoscope that will have their imagination spinning.

3. Storybook Light [$20] - It's the perfect interactive toy that will encourage your child to create imaginative stories through images that light up. Looks like you'll get to sit back and enjoy story time for a change.

4. Mini Kaleidoscope [$10] - A world of magic is never out of reach with this pocket sized kaleidoscope.

5. Wooden Airplane [$10] - It doesn't get any more vintage than flying a lightweight airplane! We foresee a friendly competition between parent and child coming on.

All of our vintage toys are currently 40% off during our Christmas Sale, so come pick some up as stocking-stuffers for the kids. Then again, maybe your stocking needs some too...