Picking the Perfect PIllows

With the magic of Christmas just a sweet memory until next year, your home can seem a little lack luster leaving you with the felling that a complete home-makeover is necessary. Luckily there is a way to chase away the winter blues with a simple solution that will raise your spirits and add freshness to your space - pillows! Changing or adding pillows to your sofas, chairs, or bed is an easy, effective, and stylish way to transform your space with each season.

A bold pattern or vibrant color pillow will make the space feel new!

Using a bold color or vibrant pattern on a sofa or chair will add oomph, helping your space feel new and alive! If a lot of color seems too loud for you, try grounding the setting with some soft neutrals, this adds depth, allows your eye a place to rest, and helps the color you do use pop!

A little sparkle will refresh your space.

Sparkle is not just for the holiday season! Liven up your space with metallic or sequined pillows that will leave your bed or sofa feeling chic. Try adding fur into the mix with a throw or pillow. This trend is not only cozy for the winter, but makes your space feel layered, eclectic, and chic - and who doesn’t want that?!

When adding pillows, use and odd number.

If using neutral pillows make sure that they have texture to give them depth.

Just like accessorizing, odd numbers are pleasing to the eye, so try using just 3 throw pillows on your sofa or bed. Most importantly, make your space inviting by mixing the textures, patterns, and sizes of your pillows. Whether you use all neutrals or pops of color, different textures and fabrics add dimension and interest leaving your space feeling attractive and complete.

Switching out pillows can refresh your room.

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[photos from Houzz, Rue, Pinterest]