Picking the Perfect Sofa

Whether you are looking for a place to sit and chat or a cozy spot to plop down and read a book, sofas are a staple in any lounge area. But with endless options at our fingertips, finding the perfect sofa can be overwhelming to say the least. Consider the following main points before choosing a sofa and your shopping experience will go from intimidating to exciting. picking the perfect sofa | alice lane home collection

SIZE Consider how large your room is, the height of the ceiling, and which other furnishings you want to incorporate in the room.  Make sure the sofa’s length, depth, and height are in proportion to your room.

picking the perfect sofa | alice lane home collection

TYPE The size and function of your room will dictate the type of sofa that best fits your space.  Is this a small, formal area for conversation? Opt for a loveseat, settee, or sofa with more petite dimensions.  Is this a large room where you gather to relax or watch a movie? Choose a deep sofa or sectional where you can tuck up your feet and snuggle in for the night.

picking the perfect sofa | alice lane home collection

UPHOLSTERY Select a fabric that is in-line with the function of the space. Determine if it is a high-use area and define the purpose for the space.  In a formal living room or master bedroom you can get away with a light cotton or linen upholstery, but in a great room or kids’ area stick to a textile with a high man-made content, like polyester, or choose a leather.

kendra | alice lane home collection

[photos from Architectural Digest and Elle Decor]