Rachel's Pick - Gifts For Mom

Everyone has a woman in their life that deserves a big thank you. With Mother’s Day almost here, I've chosen a few of my favorite gifts from Alice Lane that will show the women in your lives just how much you appreciate all they do for you. You really can't go wrong with any of these beautiful accessories! IMG_6450 (3)

Jewelry is always a great option, for both mothers living close to home or far away. Who doesn't love a gorgeous and stylish piece of jewelry – especially one that will keep her thinking of you every time she wears it? Give the mother in your life something as beautiful as she is!

IMG_6464 (2)

Maybe you have one of those moms who's cooking you just couldn't go without! Show her how much you appreciate all those home cooked meals by giving her a new cookbook to add to her collection. Of course, she'll need a new cake platter to put all those delicious new treats she bakes on too! Maybe you can even convince her to share.

IMG_6473 (2)Some moms just need a way to help them relax. A new scent for her home is exactly the thing that when she kicks up her heels at the end of a long day and takes a deep breath will make her say "Awwwhhh."

Of course, we have a gift for you too! For the entire week you'll get 20% off all accessories from Alice Lane during our Gift Sale. Don't forget that treating yourself to a little Mother's Day love is also allowed!