Book Shelf Styling

Styling a bookcase can be a tricky thing if you don’t have enough books to fill all of the spaces on the shelf. They can easily become very busy and cluttered if they’re not well planned out. I’d love to share a few of my favorite tips and tricks to help you find success when styling your shelves. Shelf1

I love neutrals, so naturally my heart loves a white clean book shelf to start with. Using multiple pieces and books that are white, gray, or black are a sure fire way to keep your shelves looking clean, and not overly cluttered (even if you do have a lot on them). I always like to layer in some warmer pieces as well with either wood sculptures, woven baskets, or greenery to make sure it doesn't pull on the side of too cold or stark. Using lighter looking pieces like glass bottles on the top shelves helps you steer clear from making the shelf appear top heavy.


Layering art inside your book shelf is an excellent trick that I feel is sometimes over looked. It’s an opportunity to be reminded of some of your favorite memories with family or friends and can serve as conversation starters when entertaining. Art gives your shelving a custom look that is specific to only you. So even if your neighbor has the same bookcase, layering in your own art can make it look like a completely different piece.


Art is not only good on the inside of your shelving, but if you have built-ins, take the opportunity to layer art over your shelf too. It will make the space feel more collected and also cover up some space that you may have trouble filling otherwise. My biggest tip that I feel is most important when styling your shelves (especially if they’re large) is to use the largest pieces that you can.  They can stand on their own, acting as beautiful sculptures, and will keep you from over styling your shelves.


Keep it clean, keep it collected, and use art and sculptural pieces to make your shelving your very own. Our Very Best Sale has been extended (20% off!) so come to one of our two locations in Orem or Salt lake to find a shelf that will be the perfect fit for your home!

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