Rugs 101: Rug Design

Now that you're up to speed on the different types of rugs and where to use them throughout your home (check out that post here if you missed it), let's talk a little bit about rug design. If you have a room that's ready for a redo this summer, consider starting "from the ground up!" You might be surprised to learn that rugs are often times the jumping off point for us. Just as we dress the walls with art to establish the personality of a room, rugs are a piece of art on the floor that can inspire a complete design. Here are a few things you should consider when selecting a rug design for your space: 1) COLOR Select a colored rug that speaks to you and repeats your favorite hues throughout the design, or choose a dramatic rug and let it be the colorful statement piece in a neutral room.

Colorful Rug

2) MOOD Your rug can dictate the mood of your space. For example, a traditional or structured print feels more formal,  a loose and abstract pattern will evoke a light and airy feeling, and a neutral rug with a relaxed stripe can create a more casual atmosphere.

Striped Rug 3) STYLE Maybe you’ve fallen in love with a gorgeous oriental rug or are inspired by beautiful geometric Navajo and Aztec prints. If that’s the case, go with it! Let your rug determine the design style in your room. For instance, with a Southwest rug, simply add some woven baskets and repeat geometric shapes throughout the space and you will have a cohesive design.

Navajo Rug As we always say, your home should be your favorite place on earth! Keep that in mind when selecting your next rug and choose something that you will love now and for years to come! Because the best design is one you love.

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