Runways to Rooms: Tidy Tibi

This clean and simple look by Tibi would look so great in a bedroom! Here's how we did it.

We took our Connor Bed with it's simple lines and organic colors and paired it with...

Our Antwerp Coverlet to bring in that muted sea green color.

We chose the Marlow Matchstick Pedestal as a side table, echoing the model's hourglass figure.


We added the decorative Gold Nugget to match her earring and to add that little golden glow to the room. (And because who wouldn't want a gold nugget in their bedroom?)

The Eureka Task Lamp brings in a little bit of the runway with its concrete base and the lines of the model's zipper.

And lastly, we chose our Navy Wing Chair to tie the room together with its studded upholstery.