Seat "In a Pinch"

You have an extraordinary space that is wonderfully ‘just so.’ Lovely, inviting …the works! The space nicely accommodates the typical bunch that gather in your home. But how do you plan ahead for an extra guest or two without having to store a closet full of folding chairs?? Pierce_003

Our favorite go-to pieces are the ones that look great all tucked in, but star in functionality when they’re pulled out.

seat "in a pinch" | alice lane home collection

Stash one or a pair of stools, benches or ottomans under a console. They’ll help complete the look, while getting really functional when you need more seating.

seat "in a pinch" | alice lane home collectionWe love adding a couple of ottomans just in front of the fireplace. They add a little punch to the space, give you two extra seats and play a soft role as fireplace screen.

Get creative by cozying an ottoman under the curvy edge of a grand piano. It can quickly add seating for a couple of guests, and helps keep the piano from getting too lonely in the center of the room.

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