Show N' Tell - Modern Glass House

Well, it's been a few weeks since we've posted here on the blog, and what better way to say hello again than to share one of our most recent projects. We actually wrapped this project up earlier this year, but it's been under wraps until it's recent debut in Utah Style & Design magazine's Fall issue. We were thrilled to have it featured there this month! But in case you missed it (or maybe you just want a another look!), we'll be revealing the whole project today on the blog. It's very rare when a husband and wife have the same exact taste and want the same exact things. This was not one of those rare moments! In fact, the homeowners of this warm contemporary home were quite the opposite in their styles. He wanted minimalist modern. She wanted classic and cozy. They entrusted us to help them find the perfect mix. And that we did! We used a warm walnut throughout the home to keep the rest of the homes stark cool tones in check. Large paneled walls brought depth and interest, but by reversing the moldings it gave it a contemporary spin. Little ying and yang tricks like this made it all possible!

glass-house-modern-entry-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_2 glass-house-modern-entry-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_3 glass-house-modern-entry-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_4

Thanks to the homes genius layout, the entire backside of the home is nearly floor to ceiling windows. And while the pictures don't do it justice, the view of the valley outback is amazing! We really want to highlight that feature and make sure our designs didn't obstruct that view. Upon entering the home you find yourself staring at a large open staircase. You can almost see right through those floating runs and open railing...refocusing you back on the incredible views.

glass-house-stairwell-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_1 glass-house-stairwell-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_3 glass-house-stairwell-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_2While we typically would say a home's entry sets the tone for the rest of the house, we must say this one gives you a bit of a surprise upon entering the living spaces. The real "wow" factor comes when you see the massive 20 foot wall of marble surrounding the asymmetrical fireplace. It's not until that moment that you reeeeally get it. We chose a combination of modern and classic silhouettes to furnish this space, giving you all the comfort and visual interest you could ask for.

glass-house-modern-family-room-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_2 glass-house-modern-family-room-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_1 glass-house-modern-family-room-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_5 glass-house-modern-family-room-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_4One of our favorite design features in the kitchen is how the oak hardwood floors ricochet off the kitchen island. It's a bit of an optical illusion really, but smart and well played. Again, we combined both modern and classic styles in the kitchen, with the grain-matched cabinets and the massive porcelain onyx hood surround. They just work so well together!

glass-house-modern-kitchen-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_4 glass-house-modern-kitchen-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_1 glass-house-modern-kitchen-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_2 glass-house-modern-kitchen-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_6 glass-house-modern-kitchen-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_7 glass-house-modern-kitchen-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_8 glass-house-modern-kitchen-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_5

The mural wall was a special request from our client. The wife is a photographer and has a love for abstract photography. We loved the idea of turning that wall into vortex or sorts...making that TV almost completely disappears!

glass-house-modern-dining-room-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_1 glass-house-modern-dining-room-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_2 glass-house-modern-dining-room-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_3

The master bedroom is definitely a slice of heaven. It's cool, crisp, and refreshing AND it's practically drowning in sunlight. So that's a win! We opted for simple window treatments here and throughout the home to once again highlight the views and minimize any obstructions. Don't be fooled by their simplicity though...each window is cased in walnut making them just as thoughtful and important.

glass-house-master-bedroom-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_2 glass-house-master-bedroom-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_1 glass-house-master-bedroom-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_3 glass-house-master-bedroom-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_4 glass-house-master-bedroom-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_6 glass-house-master-bedroom-designed-by-alice-lane-home-collection_7

Be sure to check out our online shop for many of our favorite pieces that we used throughout this home!


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photos by Lindsay Salazar Photography