Side Table Stardom

And the Best Supporting Side Table Goes To….! When we begin designing a room, we typically start by casting major pieces first, or what we like to call the star of the space. In a living room, this is likely to be an amazing rug, the main statement-making sofa, a super stylish cocktail table, or a unique chair. Then we fill in the space with supporting actors, like side tables, lamps, decorative pillows and accents. Just as in the big blockbuster movies we love to rush out and see opening weekend, the best spaces employ a mix of shining stars and strong supporting pieces.


When selecting your Best Supporting Side Table – here are some directors’ cues:

1. Make sure the scale of the table is appropriate to the room and to the adjoining upholstery pieces. Larger spaces can handle tables that are both wide and deep, but a smaller room might need something that feels more open – try a leggy table with a low shelf or a Lucite side table to take up minimal visual weight.


2. Try using side tables that will provide juxtaposition to your cocktail table – for example, if your cocktail table is leggy and glass, use a wood side table with some closed storage. If your space is small and you want both pieces to feel light, try mixing up the shape with a round side table or one with angular legs.


3. A pair of side tables flanking a sofa creates a great formal look, but if your space calls for a second style of table, make sure your choices complement one another without matching exactly. A mix of styles creates depth and will elevate your design performance to Oscar worthy, while a matching set tends to look like student work.


So when you’re looking for your Mammy to go with your Scarlett O’Hara (link: Movies Where Both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress Won Oscars) don’t just throw any old side table into the mix. Make sure you get that Best Supporting Side Table trophy! Plus it's always nice when you can achieve stardom at a discount. Through the rest this week get 20% off any side table during The Very Best Sale. All upholstery and casegoods included. Now go break a leg!

kathryn | alice lane home collection

(images via Elle Décor, Veranda)