Let's be real for a minute. Sometimes stairs can become a forgotten corner of our homes. They get us from one floor to another and that's about it, right? But stairs don't just have to be functional, they can be fun! We think they're vital to giving a house some character! When done right, they can be a defining fixture in your home.

Before we start, let's clear up some of the technical terms like "riser," "tread," and "baluster." It can be tough even for us to keep it all straight. Here is a sketch by one of our designers that shows all the parts of a staircase.

So now that we know the basic parts of a staircase, let's talk about all the different ways we can style them!

You can use a beautiful wooden staircase as a prominent feature to combine rooms. This one helps the entry way flow into the living room. By using a decorative banister that carries over into the loft, you can elongate and showcase the flight of stairs. Alpine Manor by Alice Lane

While some staircases are exposed, some staircases are hidden, like this one. By keeping the destination of your staircase a surprise, everyone will be so curious to explore the rest of your home! Entry, design by Candace Barnes

This simple staircase is tucked away behind a grand fireplace, just barely visible. By using a half landing (where the stairs change direction), you can add depth and layers to any room. French Moderne Manor by Alice Lane

The banister and balusters don't have to be the only decoration on your stairs - add a carpet stair runner to enhance the space! Entry, design by ML Interior Design


This staircase gently winds about the entryway, echoing the curves of the doorways. The deep wood of the doors and floor are carried into the delicate banister. By following the architecture of your house, the stairs can emphasize the design theme of your home. Entry, design by Ashley Whittaker

By using a skirt to hide the treads and risers and a sleek metal banister, you can really enhance the modern feel of your home. Entry, design by John Barman

Above all, remember that your staircase defines the character and feel of your home. If you keep it in line with the style of your home, you'll be sure to have a staircase that will wow!

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