Stephanie Nielson

NieNie is an inspiration to us all. We love her blog and find her to be one of today's most inspirational women! I admire so much her grace and courage to be alive and inspiring through so much discomfort - and change. Not being able to recognize your own exterior would be one of the toughest challenges you could face as a woman... and let me say, after spending a little time with her, Stephanie is the most beautiful woman in the world!

We approached Steph several months back to see if we could brighten a space in her home that she needs help with. There were two areas that she showed us, a basement family room, and an old basement kitchen turned playroom.

We went to work on the space planning - moving this and moving that would give her better use of the space. A new sectional, a charming little occasional chair, use her existing rug.... new lighting, moving the t.v. to the other wall will open up the room, custom Roman shades on the door and window, a little more of this and that... and cabinetry!

For cabinetry, we called on Magleby's! We are so excited to do this project with them. They are the best! As to not completely overwhelm them, we are splitting the project into two phases.

In round one, they will be building out the back wall in the Family Room. White built-in shelving with lower cabinets complete with a little built-in bench in the middle to snuggle into and read. The cabinets will be installed this Thursday! And the furniture will go in (fingers crossed) on Friday! Stay tuned this week as we show you the progress.

It has been hard to keep a lid on the excitement! We're so excited this week is FINALLY here!

We envision it all turning out like this!