Tyler Huntzinger

We have had the privilege of working with Tyler on several projects. Tyler is an especially gifted artist to work with on any interior space, because he has this vision that nobody else has. I love bringing Tyler into my projects because the work turns out above and beyond what you could hope for. There is this intangible to a room after he has left his mark. It's magic! We have had a great response to the plastered walls in our shop. They are the work of Tyler and his team. I am sure you are dying to scroll down and get a closer look at the images below:

This is Tyler's artwork at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase where he worked with Ironies Design Principals to create this Dreamy Bedroom.

Before Furniture

With Ironies Furniture

Could you die? Feels like heaven! - Or true love! Or both at the same time -- being in heaven and in love!

A bit about Tyler... (as if words could describe this unearthly talent!)

Tyler Huntzinger is a visual artist, painter and designer. He studied drawing, painting and ceramics and graduated with a BFA from the University of Utah.

Tyler pays particular attention to the materials that he uses to create his works and uses materials that are not often used together and are unconventional in the creation of typical gallery pieces. He is careful to preserve the spontaneity of the materials' natural interactions with each other which are reflected in the finished pieces. His works are thickly layered with translucent materials and sometimes are reminiscent of ceramic glazes.

Contact information for Tyler: mail@iconographyfinishing.com (801) 979-2470