Styling a Bathroom Vanity

Let’s face it, if we don’t take the time to purposefully design and organize a space it can quickly become an unsightly landing zone for chaos. One of the most commonly neglected areas in the home is the bathroom vanity. With all of our potions and products and it’s easy to let our counters become covered in a sea of clutter.  With proper styling, though, your vanity can go from looking disorderly to looking designed. Here are a few suggestions to add function and beauty to your bathroom vanity:

 styling a bathroom vanity | alice lane home collection

DISPLAY YOUR EVERYDAY ITEMS Many of our everyday items are inherently beautiful, so don’t hesitate to store them on your counters. Your favorite perfumes and soaps, a stash of cotton balls, your collection of makeup brushes, and a stack of white towels all look pretty when they are gathered while still being easily accessible for your daily use. Make sure to contain your items so they look orderly- you can use traditional items like glass apothecary jars, or grab something unexpected like your favorite mug or vase.

styling a bathroom vanity | alice lane home collection

USE TRAYS Another tried-and-true accessory you can use to style and contain items is the tray.  We love trays because they are multi-functional and can instantly make an area cluttered with tiny objects feel organized and grounded.

styling a bathroom vanity | alice lane home collection

ADD LAMPS Who says you can’t use lamps in a bathroom?  We can never have enough lighting when we are applying our makeup—adding a lamp is a way to bring in more light and give the space a sense of chicness.

styling a bathroom vanity | alice lane home collection

LAYER LARGE ACCESSORIES If you have an open vanity, fill that negative space with large items that fit your lifestyle.  Whether it’s a stool to sit on and do your makeup or for the kids to stand on to brush their teeth, or large baskets and jars to store your products, make your vanity function for you.

styling  a bathroom vanity | alice lane home collection

Don’t forget to add fresh flowers and that stack of white towels for that extra freshness and fluff!

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