Styling trays for every room in your home

Trayscaping. Have you heard of it? For those unfamiliar, it's our fancy way of saying styling a tray. Today we had the opportunity be a guest on KUTV's Fresh Living, and we talked all about styling trays. If you missed it, you can watch our segment on "How to Style a Tray" here.  Whether styling for your living room, office, powder room, or kitchen, trays are an excellent way to anchor all of your nick-knacks and accessories into one general area. Not only do they look sophisticated and organized, but they're incredibly functional too. When styling a tray, always keep function in mind. Simply look around your space and see what's already there. Incorporating practical, every day elements onto your tray is key.


Powder Room Tray - Find a small tray that fits nicely on your vanity top and doesn't take up too much space. Accessories with hand soaps, lotions, perfumes, and candles. As a bonus, it keeps your counter tops safe from any spills.

living room tray

Office Trays - Offices can become very cluttered incredibly fast! Placing a tray on your desk can make all that clutter suddenly seem very organized. Finding decorative office supplies, like this gold pineapple letter opener, is not only very useful, but adds interest. Office supplies don't have to be boring, let them become your decorative elements.


Coffee Table Tray - Don't over think it when it comes to your coffee table. Place a box inside your tray where you can stash all of your remotes and other electronic eye-sores when they're not in use. Adding a pile of coasters is great, too. Your family and guests will appreciate having quick access to everything they would need, making entertaining a breeze.

Kithcen tray

Kitchen Tray - Instead of using your tray horizontally, flip it vertically and use it as a feature piece against your back splash or cabinets. Then, when you need it, you can quickly grab it and use it to serve drinks or appetizers on.

Hopefully these tip have inspired you try out some "trayscaping" for yourself!