How to Make Your Bed for Spring

With the warmer weather coming upon us, now is a great time to transition your bedding from the heavy throws of winter, to the lighter brighter linens of spring!  Here at Alice Lane, we have a few tips to make this transition easy for you.


Start by removing all of your heavier bedding like your duvet, chunky knit throws, and anything else you may have on your bed to keep you extra toasty during the winter.  We love using linen sheets (year around really) to keep you covered but cool in the spring/summer months.  They’re also beautiful and give you a luxurious yet comfortable and casual look for your spring bedroom.


Another easy way to lighten up your bedding is by folding your duvet on the end of your bed during the day, giving you the option to slide it right off the bed and sleep with a lighter quilt or coverlet, or to just quickly pull it over you should it suddenly get chilly at night.



If you’re feeling like a duvet is a little heavy for your liking, a beautiful neutral throw looks great on the end of any bed during the spring. Not only do they give your bedding a finished look during the day, but they are very useful as well. Try and choose one that is light weight and will be easy to pull over you in the middle of the night when temperatures fluctuate.

Hopefully you can incorporate some of these design tricks with your own bedding to make your transition into spring that much better!

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