Stylist Tips and Picks

The biggest problems with small spaces always seem to be the need for more – more seating, more storage, more space…and the list goes on and on. Since more space isn’t always an option, a great solution is to focus on multi-use items that will help solve some of the small space problems.

Ottoman | 27.5"W x 18.5"D x 20"H | $1,042.50

One example I love right now is the use of a fabulous little ottoman. Snuggle up to your main squeeze and throw your feet up for a relaxing movie night. After you’re done, move it to the side of your sofa, put a tray on top, and use it as a side table or slide it beneath a console table to add interest and layers. When company comes pull them out for extra seating. Your ottoman always has a purpose and never takes up too much of the little space you had to begin with.

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Round ottoman | 18.5" Dia. x 19.1"H | $322.50

Love the space you’re in and the things that fill it up. When you love it, you’ll love coming home, no matter the size.

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