Organizing a Small Kitchen

Space is always an issue in small homes and especially in small kitchens. Every inch of cabinet and counter space is precious in a small kitchen and can't afford to be wasted! As with any small space, it is important to make the very best use of the space you have.

Have an empty wall with no cabinets? Add some open shelving to store and display your prettiest dishes. Why hide them away in a cabinet anyway? Open shelving works best with repetition and groupings of dishes, glasses, pitchers, cake plates, serving platters, cutting boards, etc.

If there is space above your stove, display your pretty copper pots on a pot rack.

If all of your shelving is open or you do have a pantry, store food and baking supplies in glass containers. This makes them look pretty and uniform. It also makes things less messy than different box and bag sizes lining your shelves.

If you're not too short on wall space, another good way to add storage is using a tall shelf or cart to store dishes and glassware. Again, make sure these are your prettiest dishes and keep them displayed in groupings to create a styled look.

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