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I have a confession to make, and after much deliberation, I'm ready to spill it. I reeeeally don't love cleaning. An area that often gets neglected in our homes is the linen closet. To keep things underwhelming, let's focus on just that for right now.

Elizabeth Cabinet - $7,700

DEDICATE THE SPACE - Many homes have a built-in linen closet near the bedrooms, but if yours doesn't? Consider yourself lucky. The solution can be a boastful armoire which is lovelier than a lowly closet at the end of a hallway. This Oly Studio beauty can wear many functional hats, but for today it's posing as a perfect linen closet.


BEAUTY COMES FROM WITHIN - Want a pretty home? Focus on her insides. Now's the time to put away the winter throws and down comforters. Fold them up neatly, or store them in a basket to keep them in place. Rid yourself of the sheet sets and towels you no longer need, and store only the items that you use regularly.

Gym Basket - $45 | Cape Cod Pillow Shams - $62.50

THINK INSIDE THE BOX - Store pillow shams and smaller items in baskets or handsome boxes to keep things uncluttered and easy to maintain. Rolling your shams isn't necessary, but c'mon, look how cute that is! Don't deny yourself the joy of rolled shams.

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Jewelry - $10 - $30 | Reed Diffuser - $31.25

IT AIN'T JUST FOR LINENS - Use this valuable space to store any overflow of toiletries and jewelry. Arrange it on a tray for easy access and maneuverability. Free your soaps, cotton balls, and swabs from the drugstore packaging - store them in collected jars to keep things classy. Oh, and see that reed diffuser tucked in there? It makes the closet smell like heaven resides amongst your thread count.

MAKE IT WORK - Are you limited on square feet? Fret not. With careful planning, any small space can be as functional as a large one. (Unless it's the mother-in-law you're making room for. No space is large enough for that.)

Voluspa Candles - $11 - $26.50 | Barr and Co. Vegetable Hand Soap - $33.75 | Iron Basket - $20

DIVORCE YOUR STUFF - Cabinets and drawers can all too easily become stuff magnets. Your space is valuable so only keep your favorite products. Go through these vulnerable spots and toss the creams, cleansers, and goops that have failed to live up to their expectations. It's okay. We all have them. Don't feel guilty, just avoid that channel in the future.

Best wishes on your spring cleaning!

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