Freshen Up with Neutrals for Spring

Spring is just around the corner, folks. It's as if the weight of winter has been lifted off our shoulders and has brought the urge to clean, organize, and freshen things up. Neutrals are a great way to freshen up a space.

1 Private Residence

ADD TEXTURE AT EVERY TURN - Sometimes neutrals can seem daunting and may seem flat. Incorporating different textures will keep the room interesting. Add a hide, wood, linens, leather, a nubby fabric, etc.


PLAY WITH NEUTRAL PATTERNS - Mixing neutral patterns is easier than mixing colorful patterns. The possibilities are endless. Add a few neutral patterned pillows to a bed to keep things looking light and airy but still giving the bed depth.


COMBINE MONOCHROMATIC NEUTRALS - Play with different shades of neutrals to make your space feel sophisticated and clean.


USE BOLDER NEUTRALS FOR DETAILS - Neutrals aren't necessarily white and tan... they can be navy, black, metallic, basically any color that goes with everything. You can still get that "pop" by using one of these neutrals that aren't typically thought of as neutrals.

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