Show N' Tell — Suite Escape

When we approached Emily Jackson of Ivory Lane about her dream bedroom, she had one request: "I want it to feel like a spa." As designers, we put our minds together to create a calm, inviting space where Emily could relax (especially with twins on the way!). We designed the room to make it feel like an outfit Emily would wear—refined silhouettes, sophisticated color palettes, traditional with a modern twist.

We've fallen head over heels for this master suite ... but can you blame us?

One of the ALID designers on the project recently spilled the beans on our design process for Emily's room, including the challenges we encountered and some favorite aspects of the space. Read more below!

Q: What was the “vibe” Emily was going for?

A; Emily wanted a calm, spa-like bedroom—a place she could relax. She wanted something light and bright. She also wanted the space to feel finished. We used an image of Khloe Kardashian’s bedroom as our north star; it’s a blend of textures, light and dark, modern and traditional elements.

Q: What challenges did you run into when designing the space (if any)?

A: The space has so much volume—high ceilings and lots of square footage. We had to be mindful of the scale of the furniture and art. Her existing floor mirror felt dwarfed in the room and we knew that we had to find something triple the size for it to feel proportional in the room.

We also payed attention to our space plan and how to make the best use of all that space, but not make it feel over stuffed and crowded.

Q: What is your favorite part of the space?

A: I’m crazy about the seating group at the window—the textural fabric-pillow-throw combo, the pedestal, and lamp all perfectly coordinate. 

Q: How do you see Emily’s style manifested in the space?

A: I see her style come through in the rich, expensive textures—the pillows, the shimmer of the rug, the cozy fur, and the combo of metals. Also in the styling of the space. We were mindful of keeping it edited, not overfilling the surfaces.

Q: How important was it to consider the client when designing?

A: It’s really important to consider the client in the design. Our aim is to stay true to their style, but also blow their minds and make it better than they had imagined. We love working with Emily! She typically gives us a little bit of direction about the look and feel she wants, but then lets us run with the design and trusts our vision. I think that makes the most successful spaces.

Emily is pregnant with twins and having a comfortable bedroom is especially important once the twins arrive. We hope she’ll be able to fit in some zzz's with her sweet babies.

  • How lucky were we to be able to create a stylish and serene getaway, without Emily ever having to leave her home!?

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