The Hostess with the Mostess

There's nothing more satisfying than throwing a fabulous party! When your friends and family have a great time at your home and thank you for being a gracious host, you won't even mind cleaning up afterwards. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, here are a few tips and tid-bits for pulling off a delightful shindig. the hostess with the mostess | alice lane home collection

Setting the table sets the mood for the evening. Don’t be afraid to bring out the real stuff – the fancy linens and fine china (I don’t know anyone that enjoys eating with plastic silverware!) Your grandmother will be so proud!


Next, layer in beautiful fresh flowers.  Anytime you add fresh flowers to your tabletop it adds life, dimension, and personality to the party.  Whether it’s a few simple bud vases or several full arrangements, flowers are everything!

Since Thanksgiving is next week (where did the time go?!), adding in a few pumpkins or fall leaves to your tablescape is always a fun and festive detail.

I am a firm believer in candle light!  When you dim your overhead lights and fill the room with beautiful flickering candles, it will give your party a warm, cozy, and intimate atmosphere. Don’t be skimpy on the candles – fill your tabletop with them. A collection of lovely candles will change any drab party to fab (you’re welcome!)

the hostess with the mostess | alice lane home collection

A lovely hostess knows how to make her guests feel welcome. She is attentive and always adds that extra touch to make her guests feel special. An easy way to customize your table is by simply adding a place card. Whenever I arrive at a party and see my name thoughtfully written on a place card, it makes me feel like my hostess is excited and happy to have me at her beautiful event. Who doesn’t love to feel a little special?!

And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy your party! A relaxed and warm hostess will put her guests at ease. So bring out your fine china and start planning your Thanksgiving feast. With these few tips and tid-bits, you will easily be the hostess with the mostess!

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