The Magical Tale of Patience Brewster


I am a sucker for a good story, and Patience Brewster has one of the best in my opinion!

First off, Patience Brewster REALLY is her name! (And get this, she descends from “Love Brewster”.)


She grew up in Plymouth, Massachusetts where she befriended the neighboring horses, dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, and cows that populated the fields surrounding her home! After knowing this fun fact, her ornaments became all the more magical in my whimsical mind! She grew up sketching and what better inspiration for her books and ornaments than all the critters she called friends?!?


Every year Patience develops a new gang of characters and hand paints the prototypes for market.Once you order the ones you want to bring home with you, they begin production and hand paint EACH AND EVERY ONE (I swoon)!!! When Jessica saw these last April at the gift show, she immediately text me pictures and screamed that we were going to offer them this Christmas! I was elated and began counting down the days to bring my new friends home.


So far, I have an alligator in heels, the famous Christmas pig wearing a tutu, and my favorite, the artichoke gifting a radish. I love them all dearly and want to gift one to all my friends and family because there REALLY is a character for everyone!  (They are after all one of a kind collectables…)


Christmas is about making memories and visually there is no better place to display these than on your Christmas tree! Buy ornaments that speak to your heart and make you want to be a kid again….that’s what Patience Brewster does for me!

We will be offering a special promotion on these favorites of mine, Friday and Saturday only. So hurry in!

the magical world of patience brewster | alice lane home collection

Merry Christmas dear friends of Alice Lane!

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[photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat]